Summer Paddle Boarding Attire: Stay Cool & Comfy

Did you know in peak summer, a paddle board’s surface can get 20 degrees hotter than the air? This is a big reason why picking the right summer paddle boarding attire matters. It’s not just about looking good. It’s crucial for comfort and peak performance. Whether you’re on calm lakes or gentle ocean waves, choosing what to wear paddle boarding in summer affects your day. Knowing this helps keep you cool and comfortable, even with the sun beating down.

Getting ready for the sun and fun means picking the right clothes. The best paddle boarding outfits protect you from the sun and let you move freely. On the water, having clothes that move with you and shield you from the sun makes your paddle boarding better.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the importance of specialized paddle boarding attire for maintaining comfort and safety on the water in summer.
  • Selecting materials and styles that prioritize cooling and comfort, such as moisture-wicking fabrics and lightweight layers.
  • Staying informed about summer-specific paddle boarding gear to prevent overheating and maximize performance.
  • Considering the impact of sun exposure and water temperature on your choice of paddle boarding outfits.
  • Learning to accessorize effectively to protect yourself from the elements and enhance your paddle boarding experience.
  • Remembering that the right attire can greatly influence your enjoyment and endurance during summer paddle boarding sessions.

Essential Safety and Comfort Gear for Summer Paddle Boarding

Summer Paddle Boarding Safety Gear

Skimming over the water this summer means keeping safe and comfortable is vital. Knowing the rules and standards for paddle boarding helps a lot. We’ll show you how to choose the right gear and clothes. These will not only keep you safe but also make your experience better.

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Navigating Regulations and Safety Equipment

Knowing local rules and safety needs for paddle boarding is key. You must have the right safety gear. The U.S. Coast Guard sees stand-up paddle boards as boats. So, you need a personal flotation device (PFD) and a whistle or horn for help. And, a light is a must for paddling after dark to signal your location to others.

Choosing the Right Paddle Boarding Apparel for Warm Weathers

Choosing summer paddle board clothes means thinking about comfort and safety, not just style. Your gear should include moisture-wicking fabrics to keep sweat away. It’s also smart to pick items that protect you from the sun. The best clothes are light and airy, helping you stay cool when it gets hot.

The Role of Moisture-Wicking Fabrics and Lightweight Layers

Your summer paddle board clothes should have moisture-wicking fabrics. These fabrics pull sweat away from your skin. They help avoid irritation and keep your body cool. Wearing lightweight layers helps too. You can adjust to different temperatures by adding or removing layers. This way, you stay comfy without affecting your movement or floatation on the board.

  • Quick-Dry Tops: Essential for keeping dry and comfortable.
  • Board Shorts or Leggings: Choose these made with moisture-wicking materials for more flexibility and protection.
  • Rash Guards: Important for protection during long hours in the sun, often made with UV defense.

When getting ready for summer paddle boarding, focus on gear that offers both safety and comfort. This will ensure a great blend of protection and enjoyment.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding in Summer

Planning your summer paddle boarding trips is exciting. Think about what you’re going to wear, not just the board. Summer paddle boarding attire must fit water activities and protect against the sun. The right paddle board clothing blends comfort, function, and style perfectly. Here’s what suits best for sunny days on the water.

  • Bathing Suits: A staple for water activities, providing freedom of movement.
  • Rash Guards: Protects against sunburn and skin irritation.
  • Board Shorts: Durable and comfortable for extended wear.
  • Swim Leggings: Offers protection from the sun and a snug fit.
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Choosing summer paddle boarding wear requires thinking about the water’s temperature and sun exposure. Wearing UV protection fabric is crucial for skin safety. It’s smart to layer up to adjust easily to weather changes or personal comfort.

Garment Material Protection Style Notes
Bathing Suits Stretchable synthetic fibers None Look for quick-drying fabrics
Rash Guards Polyester, Spandex UPF 50+ rating for UV protection Long or short-sleeve depending on preference
Board Shorts Nylon or Polyester Quick-drying and lightweight Choose a longer length for added protection
Swim Leggings Polyester, Spandex Often comes with UV protection High-waisted options offer comfort and coverage

The perfect paddle boarding outfits do more than make you look great. They keep you safe and comfy on your summer adventures. Picking the right materials and styles makes your board time fun and unforgettable. With these tips, get ready to enjoy both the function and fashion of the summer!

Accessorizing for Summer Paddle Boarding Adventures

paddle boarding sun protection essentials

Choosing the right board and paddle is just the start for paddle boarding. The accessories you pick are key to comfort, performance, and safety in the sun. They range from crucial sun protection to shoes that help you stay on the board. Picking the best gear makes your water journey smooth.

Sun Protection Essentials: From Sunscreen to Sunglasses

Top of your list should be items that shield you from the sun. Apart from using sunscreen with high SPF, consider polarized sunglasses. They cut down the glare from the water and protect your eyes. A wide-brimmed hat keeps you cool and lowers sunstroke risk.

Footwear Options: Balancing Comfort and Protection

Choosing shoes for paddle boarding means mixing comfort with safety. Go for water shoes or specific shoes with soles that grip well. They should fit tight to prevent blisters and not fall off easily if you end up in the water.

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Practical Add-Ons: Waterproof Cases and Paddling Gloves

Don’t forget practical extras like waterproof cases for your gadgets and valuables. These cases seal tightly and can attach to your board or hang around your neck. Gloves are great not just when it’s cold. They help your grip and stop calluses from long paddling sessions. They’re a must-have accessory.

  • High SPF Sunscreen
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Broad-brimmed Hat for Additional Shade
  • Sturdy and Comfortable Water Shoes
  • Dry Bags or Waterproof Cases for Belongings
  • Durable Paddling Gloves for Hand Protection

Getting ready for summer paddle boarding? These accessories will keep you prepared for fun on the water. With a focus on safety, comfort, and convenience, you just need the right gear. Then, enjoy the sun and waves.


When it comes to summer paddle boarding, getting the right gear is key. It makes sure you stay cool and comfy under the hot sun. By picking the right clothes and gear, following safety rules, and being aware of things like water temperature and UV rays, paddle boarding becomes more fun.

Choosing what to wear for paddle boarding in summer is more than just looking good. It’s about picking clothes and gear that are both comfy and functional. You want materials that wick away moisture, protect you from the sun, and shoes that work well in water. All of these make your paddle boarding experience better, letting you focus on the fun.

Before you hit the water this summer, take a moment to get your paddle boarding outfit ready. Make sure it has everything you need to stay cool and have a great time. Go into your summer adventures on the water with confidence. With the right clothes and gear, every moment on your board will be memorable. It’s your chance to make this summer unforgettable.

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